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Results of Relay for Life

First off, I want to start by thanking everyone who helped make this American Cancer Society Relay for Life event absolutely fantastic, to all those that donated, publicized, and just gave a positive thought. All this effort and support was very much appreciated.

The event was a huge success! Overall, we raised $130,000 towards cancer research. This is going to help someone, a friend, a family member, or even an individual you don’t know. It is so important to continue helping causes, especially ones like these. I did this walk in honor of Grandpa. I have to say I think he would be very proud. Maybe this money will cure someone else’s grandfather one day.

This walk was a for a serious cause, but hey….we all need to have a little fun. In addition to walking for 12 hours, we had a little fun in games as well. Check out the video below.

Relay for Life 2010

(Click on the link. We are the ones in the black Women in Business t-shirts)


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Snowing in March…Really?

Ok San Diego……you got us beat. After procuring the daily weather report, I had to do little to find out my instant disappointment of snow…..yup thats right, snow. In March. The end of March. After a beautiful sunny day in the 60s.

I don’t know how New Englanders can handle this every year. Studies even show that we do better in warm weather. New England is not warm.

“The best temperature for humans is about 72 degrees because it is the most temperate. That explains why people in southern California are so happy all the time.” (Feldman, 2010)

If you need proof of this phenomenon…live in a sunny place. You will see that this study is 100% correct. For those of you who already live in a warm place, smart choice. If you would like to read more about the study of how weather affects your mood, just click the link after the quote. Or you can google it; there is so much information. Besides that, my highest recommendation is to test this theory….move to a warm place. Its better for everyone.

Check out the current weather cameras below:


San Diego

(Choose the City and Click the Link)

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Just a Simple Visit to New York

The Village

One of the nice things about being in Boston is the ease of visiting other places in New England. A couple weekends ago, Carrie and I took the midnight Bolt bus (which is a 4 hour ride) all the way to New York City.

Carrie, a little chiquita from Panama, was visiting for the first time. I was so glad we took the night bus, cause she was squirming like a little kid waiting to go to Disneyland. I just slept through her excitement.

Now I wouldn’t be able to sum up the whole weekend in this blog…..that would just be silly. And lets just say some things should not be repeated; however it was not Vegas, so pictures are acceptable. We strolled around the city, 62 blocks in one day….pffffhfhhhh that was long, but we did see a lot and ate little tiny asian desserts that had bean in it, sat next to a girl wearing a horse head, saw a crazy lady with a dog that looked like her, and tried on way too many vintage clothes to be considered a healthy habit. I’m gonna keep the night life on the down low, but just know we all had a good time and I highly recommend to make friends with the bartender if you go anywhere…that will always benefit you in the end.

To sum up this mini trip: it was fabulous and it was the weekend and thats what they are for……craziness and chaos.

What's wrong with this picture?

Cruising down the street

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Take 1: Lets Get in Shape

So I have truly comprehended the concept of hibernation. Bears do it, so I did too. Maybe a bit more subconsciously than I wanted but no rewinding the time now. With the last couple days being absolutely beautiful (and sadly my interpretation of beautiful is in the 60 degree range), spring is on the brink. This means sandals finally and hopefully bathing suits if I can ever find a pool to go.

With this within relatively close future plans, Maria (the other roommate) and I decided to attempt to get our asses in shape. 7am workouts before class on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays……woooooooohhooooooooooo lets see if we actually hold true. I just have to remember how to run again.

Work out tips and motivation always greatly accepted. I think we are going to need it to get our lazy asses out of bed. Lets hope we don’t fail too miserably.

Day 1 starts today!!!!! Shoot.


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Sunday Fun Day….More Like Brunch Day

Everyone should have an excuse to get together, have good food, and just be silly. Sunday mornings seem to be those designated times. Gradually starting to be a weekly tradition, Carrie (the roommate) and I have been filling our cups and warming up our skillets. Though brunches may be a bit messy at times (we are not very clean cooks) but we pull ourselves together for this great happening to fulfill our cravings, remind us of a little bit of back home (heck were college students, we can’t afford to eat like queens all the time) and attempt to improve our cooking skills.

Blueberry Pancake Stuffing Creation

Hungover, goofy, or just a little sloppy (remember this is Sunday morning, Saturday is designated party night) we have made some delicious creations like blueberry pancake stuffing, which originally started as blueberry pancakes, but then got stuck to the skillet morphing into a mush of stuffing fantasticness. I actually think we should make it a publicized recipe cause it was pretty dang delicious. But no brunch is complete without my infamous home fries……Thats right, they have officially been labeled “infamous” after last weekends preparation, sorry Duran, I think you got beat.

Though this tradition is expanding, with new people and new food discoveries, it remains to be the most fantastic way to end a weekend (yeah brunch ends up lasting about 4 hours, then we are too lazy to do anything else hence the end). Just wait for more silly stories or pictures from brunch, we manage to always spice things up a bit.


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Relay for Life

Luminaries lined our path in honor of those who have been affected by cancer.

This year will be my third time experiencing the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life event. My first event taking place back in 2006 in San Diego, we walked to support the research to find a cure for cancer and plan to keep walking.

This year, I am walking with my fellow Northeastern University Women in Business club members. We have set our goal to raise $1000 for our team alone. I need your help to make that happen! So far we have had great efforts put forth by each of our members, but the more we strive, the more we contribute. You can help us work on a cure. Support the team. Support the cure.

You can check out my progress along with the rest of my team at the following link:

If you would like to specifically help me in my fundraising goals, click on my name “Samantha Runge” and then click “Donate” on the website listed above, or visit my Facebook Page and click “Support Me.” Anything helps!

I will be updating later on the success of the event. Stayed tuned for pictures and details.



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Just beginning.

Ok all, this is the start of my new blog. There are no guarantees of what is to come, but my life seems to be full of surprises. I just plan to put them here. Any feedback is appreciated and welcomed.

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