Sunday Fun Day….More Like Brunch Day

Everyone should have an excuse to get together, have good food, and just be silly. Sunday mornings seem to be those designated times. Gradually starting to be a weekly tradition, Carrie (the roommate) and I have been filling our cups and warming up our skillets. Though brunches may be a bit messy at times (we are not very clean cooks) but we pull ourselves together for this great happening to fulfill our cravings, remind us of a little bit of back home (heck were college students, we can’t afford to eat like queens all the time) and attempt to improve our cooking skills.

Blueberry Pancake Stuffing Creation

Hungover, goofy, or just a little sloppy (remember this is Sunday morning, Saturday is designated party night) we have made some delicious creations like blueberry pancake stuffing, which originally started as blueberry pancakes, but then got stuck to the skillet morphing into a mush of stuffing fantasticness. I actually think we should make it a publicized recipe cause it was pretty dang delicious. But no brunch is complete without my infamous home fries……Thats right, they have officially been labeled “infamous” after last weekends preparation, sorry Duran, I think you got beat.

Though this tradition is expanding, with new people and new food discoveries, it remains to be the most fantastic way to end a weekend (yeah brunch ends up lasting about 4 hours, then we are too lazy to do anything else hence the end). Just wait for more silly stories or pictures from brunch, we manage to always spice things up a bit.



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8 responses to “Sunday Fun Day….More Like Brunch Day

  1. Momster

    Glad you had a good day – sorry I missed it. Have fun and be happy – big hugs and kisses – lub you bunches and bunches – squeezez

  2. Sounds like it is also a great day for you! Enjoy it! You have a great “blog”! Keep in touch and remember that ilymtsb!

  3. your weird sister

    sounds great. and i want that blueberry mess!
    love you ❤

  4. The Real Pappi

    Real nice blog! Good job! Talk to you soon.

  5. Pappi

    I like your site! Good job!

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