Take 1: Lets Get in Shape

So I have truly comprehended the concept of hibernation. Bears do it, so I did too. Maybe a bit more subconsciously than I wanted but no rewinding the time now. With the last couple days being absolutely beautiful (and sadly my interpretation of beautiful is in the 60 degree range), spring is on the brink. This means sandals finally and hopefully bathing suits if I can ever find a pool to go.

With this within relatively close future plans, Maria (the other roommate) and I decided to attempt to get our asses in shape. 7am workouts before class on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays……woooooooohhooooooooooo lets see if we actually hold true. I just have to remember how to run again.

Work out tips and motivation always greatly accepted. I think we are going to need it to get our lazy asses out of bed. Lets hope we don’t fail too miserably.

Day 1 starts today!!!!! Shoot.



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3 responses to “Take 1: Lets Get in Shape

  1. Jann

    Hey there girlie! Good job with the blogging and woo-hoo with the exercising. Now help to keep ME motivated! Love you!

  2. I started biking today. The Doctor says to bike because my knee is still acting up and I do not need surgery now. Love ya

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