Just a Simple Visit to New York

The Village

One of the nice things about being in Boston is the ease of visiting other places in New England. A couple weekends ago, Carrie and I took the midnight Bolt bus (which is a 4 hour ride) all the way to New York City.

Carrie, a little chiquita from Panama, was visiting for the first time. I was so glad we took the night bus, cause she was squirming like a little kid waiting to go to Disneyland. I just slept through her excitement.

Now I wouldn’t be able to sum up the whole weekend in this blog…..that would just be silly. And lets just say some things should not be repeated; however it was not Vegas, so pictures are acceptable. We strolled around the city, 62 blocks in one day….pffffhfhhhh that was long, but we did see a lot and ate little tiny asian desserts that had bean in it, sat next to a girl wearing a horse head, saw a crazy lady with a dog that looked like her, and tried on way too many vintage clothes to be considered a healthy habit. I’m gonna keep the night life on the down low, but just know we all had a good time and I highly recommend to make friends with the bartender if you go anywhere…that will always benefit you in the end.

To sum up this mini trip: it was fabulous and it was the weekend and thats what they are for……craziness and chaos.

What's wrong with this picture?

Cruising down the street


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One response to “Just a Simple Visit to New York

  1. The Real Pappi

    Sounds like a great week end adventure. Couple of neat pics. Hope to see more!

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