Snowing in March…Really?

Ok San Diego……you got us beat. After procuring the daily weather report, I had to do little to find out my instant disappointment of snow…..yup thats right, snow. In March. The end of March. After a beautiful sunny day in the 60s.

I don’t know how New Englanders can handle this every year. Studies even show that we do better in warm weather. New England is not warm.

“The best temperature for humans is about 72 degrees because it is the most temperate. That explains why people in southern California are so happy all the time.” (Feldman, 2010)

If you need proof of this phenomenon…live in a sunny place. You will see that this study is 100% correct. For those of you who already live in a warm place, smart choice. If you would like to read more about the study of how weather affects your mood, just click the link after the quote. Or you can google it; there is so much information. Besides that, my highest recommendation is to test this theory….move to a warm place. Its better for everyone.

Check out the current weather cameras below:


San Diego

(Choose the City and Click the Link)


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One response to “Snowing in March…Really?

  1. Dora Gray

    Shhhhhhhh – don’t tell everyone about San Diego – need some fools to balance out the country – don’t want it to tip over :o)

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