Results of Relay for Life

First off, I want to start by thanking everyone who helped make this American Cancer Society Relay for Life event absolutely fantastic, to all those that donated, publicized, and just gave a positive thought. All this effort and support was very much appreciated.

The event was a huge success! Overall, we raised $130,000 towards cancer research. This is going to help someone, a friend, a family member, or even an individual you don’t know. It is so important to continue helping causes, especially ones like these. I did this walk in honor of Grandpa. I have to say I think he would be very proud. Maybe this money will cure someone else’s grandfather one day.

This walk was a for a serious cause, but hey….we all need to have a little fun. In addition to walking for 12 hours, we had a little fun in games as well. Check out the video below.

Relay for Life 2010

(Click on the link. We are the ones in the black Women in Business t-shirts)


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