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Reminiscing on my Trip to Panama

Panama Canal 2009

The antsy feeling is tingling telling me that it is time for another trip. With the winter chill still lingering around way late in April, reminiscing on my travels last spring to the sunny and warm Panama City makes me miss it so. The diversity of wealth, delicious food, crazy political adds, decorated public buses, varying wildlife, boating, and the cheap shopping are all things I have been remembering as the rain pitter-patters in the foreground while I sit in the living room of my Boston apartment. Below are just a couple of the moments I had with Carrie and Maria while on our trip last year.

A Food Stand

Local Area outside Panama City

A Croc

Fishing by Contadora

Public Transportation

We drove around and outside the city seeing the neighborhoods. Boated off the coast for a couple hours enjoying the scenery, beautiful weather, and great people. We ended up catching a huge fish along the way. Everywhere around the city we would see these public buses painted with extravagant portraits. They were crammed full like cattle cars and had an individual armed with a riffle at the entrance of the bus. Each bus is privately owned and painted a different design. The most extreme bus is pictured above.


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Where do you see yourself at 80?

Aging is unstoppable; welcomed in the early stages of your life, contemplated, and attempted to be avoided later on, it is inevitable to occur; we have not found the fountain of youth yet. Duh…ok, enough of attempted wisdom here. It seems almost benign if that describes it appropriately enough. I am in no position to give life lessons or sit and tell a story starting with “Back in my day…” however have you just sat and thought…where will I be when I am 80? For me that is four times of my current life. It seems unreal in a way or hard to comprehend in others. I barely know what I am going to be doing two years from now or even tomorrow. I am not saying you need to know where you are going to be when you’re old, but it’s interesting to think about. Now don’t think I’m crazy and just like to think of these random things; the reason why I am reflecting on this moment is due to my fathers 80th birthday this past week.

80 years old, think about yourself for a second at that age…just for a second, you don’t want to freak yourself out too much. Imaginable? Not for me. Technology alone has changed so much in the past five years it baffles me, I cannot even start to envision 60 years from now, but he can.

I think sometimes it is good to try and learn from others experiences or points in their lives, or at least envision it. So many people ask you to look to the future; school counselors ask you where you see yourself after you graduate, financial planners ask where you want to be at XYZ age, I bring this up because I realized that you can’t plan. I guarantee you he did not plan on having a daughter at 60, but it just shows that you have an opportunity at any time in your life to start something new or even to start over. Societal norms are only norms; they don’t have to be the standard. Chances and opportunities are what you have your whole life. I think he just shows that is possible at any time, not just in your youth.

My father is 80 and I think that is respectable and commendable. Start things whenever you feel comfortable. And it is never too late (no intentional cheesy or cliché factor there). I am just thankful that I have been able to be a part of one fourth of his life. I hope he realizes how much of an impact it has made on me.

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Yes, I had to Dodge the Ball

This past Sunday, Women in Business held our first annual Dodge for Dodge Fundraiser. Nine teams of 5 competitors came out to play intense rounds of dodgeball in hopes of winning Red Sox tickets. As the referee, I am glad I stuck to the side lines. Some of these guys wailed the ball at high velocities. I definitely did not want anything to do with that. The final winners were Team GLOBO Gym. Congratulations to them!

Game On!

Refereeing from the Sideline

The Winners, Team GLOBO Gym

Special Thanks to These Girls for Coordinating the Event

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Banana Pancakes

Here is a little preview of my Sunday morning. It’s nice to be done with classes and actually have the time to do this.

Pancake Batter

Mmmmm....Bananas and Pecans

My superb pouring skills

Carl's flipping skills

Skill Combination=Delicious Banana Pancakes

Definitely turned out to be a delicious breakfast. I am pretty sure the whole house enjoyed it.

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Proposing Change in the Workplace: Is that really a positive thing?

If things aren’t going the way that you want them to….do you change them? What about in the realm of your personal life, your friends’ life, your workplace? Well, that was the case for me.

Within the last couple weeks, I have been drafting up a proposal for operational changes that need to be applied specifically within my Starbucks store in Boston. Lets just say it is a bit extensive. Twelve pages later, I got it printed, bound, and submitted it to my manager. Now I have to wait to see if the changes will be implemented. Lets cross our fingers…things are getting a bit crazy.

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Kairos Summit Recap

This weekend could not have been more spectacular. I arrived in New York City on Friday night to check in to a very swanky hotel, the Hudson on 59th and 9th. From there, everyone gathered upon the Intrepid Aircraft Carrier for a series of speakers where I later found out I was a semi-finalist for a free five day trip to China in the fall from a contest submission I posted on a possible business venture utilizing global sourcing.

Outside the Intrepid for our Meetings

From our speakers, we ventured on to explore the unforgettable night life of New York City. A bar, a restaurant, and a night club later we rested our heads for yet another exciting day on Saturday.

Out on the Town

Saturday kicked off with a bit of sleepy eyes, but excitement to visit the New York Stock Exchange did not stop us from enjoying every moment. We hustled our butts up and got over to the NYSE just in time to wander around the trade floor and look at all the exhibitor’s proposed business ventures. It was eye awakening to see fellow peers create such in-depth business ideas that will soon fuel our future. I was truly among the youths brightest of the future.

New York Stock Exchange

I preceded on to a special Women Luncheon consisting of a three course meal within the NYSE with some of the top executives in the business world today. These such leaders included: the editor of Fortune Magazine, CEO of DuPont, and many more amazing executives. It was an unforgettable experience to be able to talk with them one on one to get their feedback on how they got where they are, what they predict for the future, and any advice they had for me. Some business connections were made to say the least.

Ready to Network

Our day gradually started to wind down, but was not over yet. A nap was in order to rejuvenate for the night to come. Our last event of our Kairos Summit consisted of a full dinner cruise along the beautiful skyline of New York City. It was clear night with varying city architecture in every direction.

Saturday Night Dinner Cruise

I woke up Sunday morning after a whirlwind of a time thinking the last 48 hours were a great dream. I would re-do this weekend time and time again if I could. This was one of the best weekends I have had with great people, a lot to learn, and a beautiful city to explore.

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Dodge for Dodge

Dodge for Dodge is a dodge ball fundraiser that I am coordinating at Northeastern University for Women in Business. Held on April 25, 2010, it will consist of teams of 5  at $5 per students. Prizes will be given for the best team costume and top ranked team. These amazing prizes range from gift certificates to local businesses to Red Sox tickets!

Gather your friends, get pumped up, and add some team spirit and pizzaz. Any Northeastern students interested in taking a break from studying and finals, please let me know. Contact me at or

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