Women in Business

Women in Business is a non-profit club that I co-founded at Northeastern University back in the Spring of 2009. Through some innovation, collaborative spirit, and much help from my amazing peers, this club has launched to be a truely amazing resource for students to utilize and apply their business skills that have been learned in the classroom into the real world.

Women in Business is aimed to unite students of all majors and genders to provide resources and support before entering the workforce. We aim to connect and engage NU students to the successes and challenges of women in business through meetings, guest speakers, events, and philanthropic work.

This foundation established has been such a success story this semester. Our speaker series consisted of topics on corporate ladders, time management, and sexuality in the workplace. We held events such as Banana Republic: Learn to Dress Professionally, attended the Harvard Dynamic Women in Business Conference, created Social Media Workshops educating on the imporance and growth of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as Excel Workshops which focused on pivot tables and mail merges.  This semester we also participated in a very successful philanthropic event, Relay for Life, which raised over $130,000 towards cancer research. You can view a video from this event on the following link:

Relay Video

I am so proud of all the work accomplished this semester. Special thanks to the fabulous Executive Board this semester, Alex Avila, Veronica Domenchello, Alisha Albinder, and Stephanie Simmons, who helped make all these events happen.

Women in Business is not stopping our momentum now. We are always looking for corporate sponsor, guest speakers, and innovative ideas. If you would like to learn how to support Women in Business or would like to get involved or in contact, please email contactnuwib@gmail.com or visit



Representing WIB at Relay for Life

Banana Republic: Learn to Dress Professionally

Harvard Dynamic Women in Business Conference


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