Bringing Class to Our Glass

Beautiful weather brings out the best in people; positive attitudes, smiling faces, and of course aimlessly wandering around the city. These last few days have brought out the summer in me. Even though it only lasted for a short time, this nice weather preview has made me antsy to start “summer time events.” So I figured, lets kick things off now!

Class to Our Glass, Cafe 62 is the theme. Its a cocktail party. I know what your thinking, you are college kids, Class in Our Glass, what is that all about? Yes, I am aware of this… me; however, we can change the pace every once and a while and get away from the grungy PBR and pizza (though that is quiet delicious). There is even a menu to this grandeur event, check it out below.

Makes you wish you can come now, huh?

This event is going to kick off Saturday, so Carrie and I have a bit of work to do. But success is all that we aim for and with the menu laid out above, that seems to be in our sights. Good times and memories are all that we shoot for.



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2 responses to “Bringing Class to Our Glass


    The one day I have off for brunch, you have dinner. =(

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