End of Classes

This time again already. End of classes are drawing near. Stress levels are high, procrastination is creeping, and endless amounts of work has piled up high. This is no different for any other college student at this time; well, any that actually care about their schoolwork.

I am on a pretty good track though. With less than a week counting down and no finals in sights, the end of my 6th semester is coming to a close. Just a writing portfolio, Spanish presentation on the introduction of a new product, market research proposal, and a MIS case study and I will be free of this semester.

Maybe I will actually take a break after this……..ha ha maybe not.


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One response to “End of Classes

  1. The Real Pappi

    Hang in there! Looks/sounds like you are on track! Makes me remember some of my final days of some of my own semesters. Wow! can I really remember that far back–you know I got my under grad degree in 1957! Repeat 1957!

    Of course, I don’t remember what I did yesterday, but who cares?

    Take care!

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