Reminiscing on my Trip to Panama

Panama Canal 2009

The antsy feeling is tingling telling me that it is time for another trip. With the winter chill still lingering around way late in April, reminiscing on my travels last spring to the sunny and warm Panama City makes me miss it so. The diversity of wealth, delicious food, crazy political adds, decorated public buses, varying wildlife, boating, and the cheap shopping are all things I have been remembering as the rain pitter-patters in the foreground while I sit in the living room of my Boston apartment. Below are just a couple of the moments I had with Carrie and Maria while on our trip last year.

A Food Stand

Local Area outside Panama City

A Croc

Fishing by Contadora

Public Transportation

We drove around and outside the city seeing the neighborhoods. Boated off the coast for a couple hours enjoying the scenery, beautiful weather, and great people. We ended up catching a huge fish along the way. Everywhere around the city we would see these public buses painted with extravagant portraits. They were crammed full like cattle cars and had an individual armed with a riffle at the entrance of the bus. Each bus is privately owned and painted a different design. The most extreme bus is pictured above.


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  1. Your Pappi

    Hey, I hadn’t seen those great pics before. Glad you put them up there!

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