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Stop Playing With Your Food

Crawfish, Calamari, and Crab, Oh My! Thats right, we covered the three C’s all in one meal. And it was quiet entertaining. How could you resist playing with all the little claws and shells while eating? Let me tell you, by the end of a little play and a lot of eating I don’t think there was a millimeter of space left in any of our stomachs. The walk back from the Barking Crab by the waterfront was even a bit painful for my mom, Carl, and I. But don’t worry, we made it back just in time before the treacherous food coma set in. And boy, did it set in. Look at that display of crab, there was no way to avoid it.

4 Pounds, 3 Types of Crab


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USA Team Spirit

The USA Soccer team faced Czech Republic in a match yesterday in Hartford, CT. Unfortunately USA was unable to pull a win, but I don’t think it ruined my friends’ time (pictured above). Both Aubrey and Zack represented the USA in full face paint of the American Flag, crafted by yours truely.

Painted while eating dinner at Spikes on Boylston, we got a couple stares while applying the face coverage at the table. Nonetheless, stares included, they walked proudly up and down the streets of Boston and then to Connecticut where I am sure they screamed till they couldn’t anymore.

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Food Frenzy at Faneuil Hall

If you need to satisfy a craving, what better place to do it than the Faneuil Hall Food Court. There are way too many places to choose from to just get one thing; choices range from hot dogs, to pastries, to Greek food, to an oyster bar and so much more. We made the executive decision to do an initial see-all loop before deciding what delicious entity we were going to indulge in first. How could you resist?

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The Weird Kids in the Café

Sometimes my quirkiness gets the best of me and my weird ideas gets released in public settings. Yesterday was no exception here, in fact, I think it was a brilliant idea: Thumb War Table Entertainment. Words seize to properly describe it. Take a look below, I think you will get the idea.

Designing our Competitors: Mine was named Oolong Orangutan

Monsieur Mash won that round.

Oolong Orangutan sadly lost.

Round 2: Wacky Walter vs. Billy Flo

After taking a look of what we actually did, I have to admit it was a bit crazy but oh so entertaining. I wonder if the workers at the café will ever look at us the same.

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Sights of Madrid in Clear View

My plans have solidified. I have officially purchased my one-way ticket to Madrid departing on August 30, 2010. The validation and reality that this one year adventure is actually happening has finally hit me. There is still so much to do. I have to somehow figure out how to pack for a year of my life in a minimized fashion. I don’t even know if that is possible. I guess I have no choice. Oh, the horror!

By the way, for any students who are looking for cheap tickets, please use this site, It’s amazing! I got my ticket to Madrid for $452. That is unheard of. Oh, their customer service is amazing too, the guy I talked to was hilarious. Try it out.

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Testing Our Comprehension

Studying abroad in Spain this September at ICADE has been deemed an upcoming challenge for me and my classmates. Nine courses in the Spanish language five days a week is not going to be an easy task for any of us. But there might be a slight curve ball; eight of the nine courses are business courses while the ninth is said to be a language course.

We filled out our language request forms yesterday claiming which third language we would like to learn in Spanish. Yes, we are learning another language in Spanish. Our choices include the following: French, Italian, German, and Chinese. I am leaning towards Italian, but any recommendations are welcomed. This might be the stepping stones to being trilingual in the future. We will have to see how well this fall turns out.


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Oh, the Things You Can Find

Exploring some of the stores in Boston can be an adventure of its own. These are just a couple things we found at Urban Outfitters and Newbury Comics.

All The Cool Kids Where These Glasses

I call it the "Ghazal Family" Flask

Who Doesn't Want to Dress Like a Ninja Turtle?

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