Karma Coming Your Way

A delightful occurrence happened last night during my close at Starbucks last night. An older gentleman came in a couple minutes before close to get a small coffee during his wait for a car towing company. Apparently he blew out both of his tires on his car from the lovely potholes that Boston provides.

After our short conversation he very generously tipped myself and my co-worker $100 in order to take ourselves out for a nice dinner. He said we were working very hard and deserved it.

We both stood there baffled, but excited about his generosity. He definitely has good karma coming his way.



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2 responses to “Karma Coming Your Way

  1. Kristen Runge

    WOW! Arn’t you a lucky duck! That’s pretty baller. The most I ever got was like $5 and a phone number lol.

  2. Diane Beyer

    What a very nice thing for that man to do. Nice things always happen to nice people.

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