Date Night

Date night is now ranked one of my favorite nights so far. Though it is still seasonally chilly for this time of year, walking around Faneuil Hall and the North End warmed up our spirits.  The massive amounts of pasta, cannoli, and cappuccino probably played a contributing roll as well.

Date Night in the North End

If you find yourself wandering around the North End, I would definitely recommend the Daily Catch. The whole restaurant is literally in a small room no bigger than your living room which includes all operations of the restaurant including the kitchen, dishwasher, fridge, seating area, etc. You watch the chef do his magic behind the pots and pans to bring out your delicious order right in the frying pan. It may be a bit of a wait considering they can only fit 20 patrons in this restaurant at one time, but if you want some fresh Italian-style seafood, you should wait as long as your patience allows.

Their Menu

Fried Calamari

Tinta de Negra "Black Pasta"


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One response to “Date Night

  1. Just a word from someone who spent one whole year commuting from Minneapolis to Boston, each week.

    I ate at many, many, different restuarants, that year; however, during orientation for Samantha’s entry to that fine school you guys attend, I also had the destinct pleasure of eating at The Daily Catch. I believe we just tried it by chance. It IS one of Boston’s best!

    Very glad that you guys have been enjoying it!

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