Add a Little Twist to your Watermelon

This idea can be constituted under two categories: genius or pure stupidity. I am going to side with genius. If you want to add a little spunk to your summer activities, follow the preceding directions.

  1. Purchase a large sized watermelon.
  2. Cut a small whole into a watermelon and remove a chunk (remember to save the chunk you removed).
  3. Fill the watermelon with one bottle of vodka of your choice (I didn’t think I would need to give instructions to buy vodka, but if you don’t have it handy, do that in Step 1)
  4. Replace the chunk of melon that you had cut out earlier.
  5. Let the watermelon sit for a couple hours. Make sure you rotate the melon so the vodka gets absorbed into all portions (we forgot to do that, ooopppps!)
  6. After some time has passed, cut it up and enjoy! Be careful, its potent!

Vodka filled Watermelon

Caught Dave at an Inopportune Time

Dan got a strong piece



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3 responses to “Add a Little Twist to your Watermelon

  1. See I knew you had good ideas up your sleeve. That shall be my next thing. You will have to give me a recipe.

    • Diane Beyer

      Just fill the syringes with 1 oz of vodka stick the orange puch vodka in and get cold them peel and eat. The skins might be good to eat too.

  2. Diane Beyer

    Old news. Try filling oranges with hyprodermic syringes filled with vodka. MMMMM

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