Testing Our Comprehension

Studying abroad in Spain this September at ICADE has been deemed an upcoming challenge for me and my classmates. Nine courses in the Spanish language five days a week is not going to be an easy task for any of us. But there might be a slight curve ball; eight of the nine courses are business courses while the ninth is said to be a language course.

We filled out our language request forms yesterday claiming which third language we would like to learn in Spanish. Yes, we are learning another language in Spanish. Our choices include the following: French, Italian, German, and Chinese. I am leaning towards Italian, but any recommendations are welcomed. This might be the stepping stones to being trilingual in the future. We will have to see how well this fall turns out.



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3 responses to “Testing Our Comprehension

  1. Diane Beyer

    I vote Italian or French

  2. Your Pappi

    I have had the pleasure of rather extensive world travel in my lifetime and exposure, (that means at least some training/instruction) to multiple languages: Farsi, Japanese, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Korean, Russian, and English.

    Unfortunately, I can not claim real speaking capability in any of them except English (and some people might question my capability there)! However, the similarities and/or commonality of words and pronunciation of Italian, French, and Spanish are such that I would suggest you study either Italian or French.

    I would definitely rule out all of the others as being extremely difficult, and the probabilities of achieving a level of understanding and capabilities that would be useful, as not reachable in one year’s time.

    If you were going to follow on until you reached a level of fluency that would be very useful, perhaps then you could choose a different language.

    Hope this can be helpful to you as you make your decision!

  3. Diane

    SAM!! don’t take Italian!! There’s no (little) challenge there! Take either German or Chinese with me.. it’s not going to count for credit, so why choose something easy??

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