Day 1: Austin, TX or Bust

After much planning, Carl and I have set off on to our great adventure to the unknown: Austin, Texas. The four day trip ahead of us is anything but short. With that in account, we prepared some car-ride entertainment (for us of course) and car-side entertainment (for the general public).

As an interactive activity for ourselves, friends, and strangers along the way, we have created a drive-by-trivia game fueled by a newly created Twitter account @trivi_van. The concept is as follows: every 100 miles we will post a new trivia question on our Twitter account and the side of our van. Answers will be posted within the next 100 miles along with frequent updates of our status. If you have a Twitter account, follow us! If not, you can follow our status updates at the following link:
You might be surprised by some of the things we find along the way.


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