Day 2: Entering the Great Smoky Mountains

Traveling has proven to be exhausting. We passed out the second our heads hit the pillow at 9pm. There was plenty of stops along the way for bathroom breaks, leg stretching, and a bit of food here and there. From this we were able to check out some locals and local places. We quickly found that Delaware truck stops have their own species of people, KFC in Maryland don’t have popcorn chicken (what the heck), New Jersey is the worst state to drive through ($8.25 toll, really?) and Connecticut was just Connecticut (though we did stop at a Costco).

Trivia has been a hit! We have gotten more followers on our Twitter page and even some correct responses. Thanks Dan and Jon. At times people have come up to us and asked about the trip or trivia answers. Others point at the van while hitting the person in the passenger seat to get a quick glimpse. Though, sometimes I’m not sure if they are pointing at the trivia or our mustaches. A little girl gave us a thumbs up at one point and a man in a silver Mustang gave us a fist pump (I think they like us).

We are making progress and great time. Today is our longest day; once we surpass this, the rest will be a breeze.


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  1. Kristen Runge

    Oh Sam, the things that you come up with. You never cease to amaze me! Hope you have a fun and safe rest of your trip!

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