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Chicken Enchiladas

I can’t get enough of Mexican food. I think it is growing up in San Diego that did it to me; heck California used to be part of Mexico back in the day. With the help of my cousin Kim’s recipe, my sister and I made these enchiladas in less than 30 minutes. If it was simple enough for my sister to make it, you can too. The results were spectacular!

{Shredded Chicken}

{Filling the Tortillas}

{The Final Product…Yum}


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Finding It’s Charm

{Local Cinema}

Merced County isn’t quiet what I picture as my ideal place to live; but even in the central valley of California, you can find a bit of charm to this agricultural city. Each tiny town has some sort of quirk or character; it took me a bit of time to finally realize Merced is no exception. Here are some of the things I found during my exploration of the “downtown” area.

{Mural Celebrating the Art of Music}

{Museum of Merced}

{Popular Bar for UC Merced Students}

{A quaint downtown courtyard}

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Great Airlines for Ease of Mind

Companies have it tough; competition is so fierce now that their goal is not only to fulfil a customer’s needs but excede expectations. Sub par is sub profit. The airline industry is far from excluded in these customer expectations. I guess Business Week was right when they said great service is what will help companies ride this economic turmoil (read the article here). How else can you create loyalty with the stretched consumer’s dollar?

My high expectations have fallen within this “go-above-and-beyond” category. I expect subtle yet comforting surprises from the services that I pay for. My last experience with Delta reminded me of that. There wasn’t anything horrendous with their service, but it wasn’t as comfortable as I expected. The flight attendants weren’t extra friendly or accommodating, the snacks were peanuts and a couple other lousy options, and they lacked in-air entertainment.

If you want that AHHH-that-wasn’t-that-bad feeling after a flight, long or short, I would recommend flying JetBlue or Virgin America. Both provide phenomenal services.

One thing I favor is Virgin America’s in-air entertainment system including free and for-pay entertainment. Each seat has remote access to a library of music where you can create customized playlist to your liking and listen for hours. If the music selection isn’t enough for you, they have movie selections, television shows, chat capability within the cabin, and some video games. You can even order your food and drinks right from your screen in front of you. Don’t believe me? Check it out here.

I am all about saving money given my tight college student budget, however if it comes down to a $20 or $30 difference between flights, I think you will find it is well worth the comfort.


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Beach Goers Delight

{Torrey Pines}

I forgot how many different beaches are in San Diego. I realized that sometimes I get so wrapped up with the idea of somewhere just being my home, that I forget what it has to offer. The concept that you don’t know what you have until its gone, or in this case until a fresh perspective is introduced has hit me like many other San Diegians who take advantage of the beautiful place that they live. Luckily for me, playing tour guide for some visiting friends has refreshed my outlook to what I simply call “home”.

I have my four go-to beaches that I frequent regularly depending on what I want to do. For a long swim, snorkeling, or some seal watching, La Jolla Cove is the place to be. Seal Cove has a protected viewing spot to watch the moms and their pups lay on the shore. A little farther down there is some great snorkeling where you can view garibaldi and other marine life right below you. A swim route is available from the cove to the shore marked by quarter mile and half mile buoys. All boats are restricted from this area, so its a great place for a long distance ocean swim.

{La Jolla}

For a more family oriented beach, Moonlight State Beach is where I head. The day with Dominic is a great example (take a look at it here.) Between the many families that come to visit and the array of day camps that make camp there, plenty of kids frolic along the beach during the day time. Moonlight has fire pits and tables for those who would like a late picnic dinner and beautiful sunset.

Del Mar is the epic summer day, go-to spot. If you want to lay out at the beach, surf, and hang out with friends, this is where I turn. For those who hate the sand, you can sit your butt up on the grassy area and watch those who don’t have a preference. It is a gorgeous view everywhere you go. I drool over the houses that line the sand every time I go. If you want a little class, you can even go and have drinks or dinner at Jakes or the Poseidon. Both are really good eats.

Torrey Pines is not the ideal place just to lay out; however they have great surf under the bridge and a beautiful state park for hiking and bike riding with gorgeous views. The hike is a bit uphill, but well worth it. On a clear day you can see from La Jolla all the way to Del Mar.

{Torrey Pines State Park}

If you would like a full list of all the beaches in the area take a look here. Each beach varies on its lanscape and what it provides. So if you want to surf, kayak, snorkel, scuba dive, lay out, swim, hike, or some other activity, see what each place has to offer. Each location has its specialties. I have my favorites; find yours.

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New Concept Design

Now that I’ve realized that I have become somewhat of a nomad with my travels and my life, I decided to change up a couple things. Bare with me; I am going to be testing a few new concepts and ideas. I figure with life changes, blog changes come too.

Opinions, feedback, and recommendations are always welcomed and considered.

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Beach Day with the Little Ones

Oh how I miss beach hair. You just can’t get the same effect without a little  sunshine and some salt water. Summer beach days never seem to fade from my memory; Moonlight Beach is no strange land to me. Many holes were dug, sandcastles made, and sand crabs collected. Those beach activities haven’t changed much. As I helped little Dominic dig holes in the sand and attempt to build a sandcastle, I couldn’t help but think that my older cousin used to do this with me. This harsh reality hit as hard as the sun did; but it was quickly interrupted as Dominic persisted on rolling around in the sand right after we rinsed him off and asked me why I was wearing a top to my bathing suit. Oh and if he asks again, a tattoo is a scratch.

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Chicken Stuffed Avocado

I am still having a hard time getting over this dish. Somehow…someway, I am going to have to find a way to recreate it. Chicken stuffed avocado is too good to only have once. (And I have an abnormal love for avocados, so that doesn’t help my cause). If you do find your way to Austin anytime soon, DO NOT LEAVE until you try this. There is no way you will be disappointed. I can even get you a tour guide that can lead you to this delectable treat.

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