Day 4: Our Final Destination

The final stretch has arrived, but not without a bit of traffic and weather delays. We wanted to get the heck out of Arkansas as quickly as possible. I have no intentions of ever returning there. Today’s 8 hour trip was a bit extended with some Dallas traffic and crazy rainstorms. We were patient and managed through it, even though the rain storm brought us to a near stop at particular points due to lack of visibility.

The road trip has finally come to an end. We saw plenty of hicks, corn fields and cattle to hit this months quota of country sights. We are happy to be in Austin now and have a whole new place to explore. It is just the end of one adventure and the beginning of another.



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2 responses to “Day 4: Our Final Destination

  1. Your Pappi

    Glad you are there. Enjoy your visit in Austin. I believe I told you that I traveled there frequently years ago; I see to remember a restuarant on a river bank that had great BBQ and a relaxing view of the flowing water. Of course, I can’t remember the name.

    If it does exist and you find it, let me know. Bye for now. Remember: lumtsb and once again
    in CAPS for emphasis: LUMTSB

  2. Carla Harkness

    Congratulations Carl and Sam. What a great trip you’ve had. Can’t wait to hear about Austin. Bet your seriously tired so I’ll give you a few hours before you need to fill us in on your Austin news.

    Great Blog Sam. Really enjoyable to read and view and made this week very special for me – I felt a part of the trip. The pictures, especially, were terrific to see!!

    Enjoy your well earned rest. Austin not bust!! Way to go! Much love.

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