Say Hello to Tex Mex

I forgot how much I love and crave Mexican food. Once in TexMex country, my nose twitched and my mouth watered for some chips and guac. Hmmmmm, what a delicious combination: chips and guacamole. Is the thought making your mouth water? Mine is, yet again.

One of the best places we found for guacamole was this great restaurant called Iron Cactus right on 6th Street in downtown Austin. As dusk was coming upon us, outdoor seating was the perfect place to be. Some misters above us made the Texas heat absolutely pleasant. Our waiter, John, (who gave us some great tips on places to go in the area) made the guacamole right at our table; a little avocado, cilantro, sea salt, onion, tomato, and whammmm…deliciousness. If you can imagine, that was just a tiny peek to our meal to come. The Burrito Carlito and Spinach Artichoke and Grilled Portobello Enchiladas were amazing choices; I believe I am still full from it.

{Burrito Carlito}

{Spinach Artichoke and Grilled Portobella Enchiladas}

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  1. Carla Harkness

    Making me very hungry Sam!! Be right there.

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