Poteet the Parakeet

Random find of the day: a stray parakeet. Hopping along the grassy sidewalk, this little sassy bugger was just squawking along up to no good. After a bit of coercing and a jacket capture, we snatched the little thing for safe keepings. Dubbed Poteet, this tiny green parakeet calmed down once he was snug in my sweater. For the time being, we put him in the bathtub with some water, cheerios, and lettuce. It was the closest thing we had to birdseed (he was impartial to the idea of eating it). Poteet’s wings were clipped, so no escaping here, at least for the time being.



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6 responses to “Poteet the Parakeet

  1. carla

    Good for you Sam. Poteet needs a boy named Carl to take care of him while you are in SD/Spain, don’t you agree?

    • I would agree, but Poteet made an escape on Carl’s watch. It was a death defying leap from the third floor balcony. Bye Bye Poteet. 😦

      • carla

        Omygosh. I’m so sorry. Hope the little guy was okay. I guess he has some place he wants to be… he’s determined to fly the coop.

  2. carla

    Good for you, Sam. Poteet is a very pretty bird. He needs a great big cage and a boy named Carl to care for him while you are in SD/Spain.

  3. Your Pappi

    Hey, nice birdie, nice birdie. You now have a major problem when u r ready to depart for SD

    But, glad you could save the pretty baby!

    take care lumtsb

  4. tay

    hahaha this is great

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