Beach Goers Delight

{Torrey Pines}

I forgot how many different beaches are in San Diego. I realized that sometimes I get so wrapped up with the idea of somewhere just being my home, that I forget what it has to offer. The concept that you don’t know what you have until its gone, or in this case until a fresh perspective is introduced has hit me like many other San Diegians who take advantage of the beautiful place that they live. Luckily for me, playing tour guide for some visiting friends has refreshed my outlook to what I simply call “home”.

I have my four go-to beaches that I frequent regularly depending on what I want to do. For a long swim, snorkeling, or some seal watching, La Jolla Cove is the place to be. Seal Cove has a protected viewing spot to watch the moms and their pups lay on the shore. A little farther down there is some great snorkeling where you can view garibaldi and other marine life right below you. A swim route is available from the cove to the shore marked by quarter mile and half mile buoys. All boats are restricted from this area, so its a great place for a long distance ocean swim.

{La Jolla}

For a more family oriented beach, Moonlight State Beach is where I head. The day with Dominic is a great example (take a look at it here.) Between the many families that come to visit and the array of day camps that make camp there, plenty of kids frolic along the beach during the day time. Moonlight has fire pits and tables for those who would like a late picnic dinner and beautiful sunset.

Del Mar is the epic summer day, go-to spot. If you want to lay out at the beach, surf, and hang out with friends, this is where I turn. For those who hate the sand, you can sit your butt up on the grassy area and watch those who don’t have a preference. It is a gorgeous view everywhere you go. I drool over the houses that line the sand every time I go. If you want a little class, you can even go and have drinks or dinner at Jakes or the Poseidon. Both are really good eats.

Torrey Pines is not the ideal place just to lay out; however they have great surf under the bridge and a beautiful state park for hiking and bike riding with gorgeous views. The hike is a bit uphill, but well worth it. On a clear day you can see from La Jolla all the way to Del Mar.

{Torrey Pines State Park}

If you would like a full list of all the beaches in the area take a look here. Each beach varies on its lanscape and what it provides. So if you want to surf, kayak, snorkel, scuba dive, lay out, swim, hike, or some other activity, see what each place has to offer. Each location has its specialties. I have my favorites; find yours.


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