Great Airlines for Ease of Mind

Companies have it tough; competition is so fierce now that their goal is not only to fulfil a customer’s needs but excede expectations. Sub par is sub profit. The airline industry is far from excluded in these customer expectations. I guess Business Week was right when they said great service is what will help companies ride this economic turmoil (read the article here). How else can you create loyalty with the stretched consumer’s dollar?

My high expectations have fallen within this “go-above-and-beyond” category. I expect subtle yet comforting surprises from the services that I pay for. My last experience with Delta reminded me of that. There wasn’t anything horrendous with their service, but it wasn’t as comfortable as I expected. The flight attendants weren’t extra friendly or accommodating, the snacks were peanuts and a couple other lousy options, and they lacked in-air entertainment.

If you want that AHHH-that-wasn’t-that-bad feeling after a flight, long or short, I would recommend flying JetBlue or Virgin America. Both provide phenomenal services.

One thing I favor is Virgin America’s in-air entertainment system including free and for-pay entertainment. Each seat has remote access to a library of music where you can create customized playlist to your liking and listen for hours. If the music selection isn’t enough for you, they have movie selections, television shows, chat capability within the cabin, and some video games. You can even order your food and drinks right from your screen in front of you. Don’t believe me? Check it out here.

I am all about saving money given my tight college student budget, however if it comes down to a $20 or $30 difference between flights, I think you will find it is well worth the comfort.



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2 responses to “Great Airlines for Ease of Mind

  1. Diane Beyer

    I agree. I just hope Virgin Airline extends it’s territory. Love ya.

  2. I completely agree. I love Virgin’s baggage policy too. The 70 lb limit for the first checked bag goes a long way – especially female students who go back and forth from Boston to Southern California! I remember when Virgin America first started, their prices were higher than Jet Blue and other competition (at least for the longer, NY/BOS – LAX ones) and they quickly lowered their prices. I think I’ve taken Virgin at least 5 times now!

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