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Cupcake Heaven

I couldn’t help but bring attention to these amazing mini cupcakes which my cousin graciously brought to our last sunset beach picnic. Flavors varied from red velvet, dark chocolate, french vanilla, smores, german chocolate, coconut, and a couple more I can’t quiet remember. And yes, they do taste just as good as they look! I tried most of the flavors. If you’re in the San Diego area, go try them. The link to their bakery is here.


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Touring the Wineries

One of my newfound goals is to learn more about wine tasting: the accompanying scents, types of grapes, pairings of food, and lavish description of the wine itself. Maybe becoming a wine connoisseur you may say. After visiting a couple wineries up in Temecula, California, I’ve seen this ability as somewhat of an art. Being able to point out the grapefruit and spicy flavors or the jammy completion is far above my abilities at this time. Nonetheless, this tasting was full of surprising flavors, some that I cared for and some not so much. I have to admit that one of my absolute favorites consisted of a pairing of an assorted appetizer of meats and cheeses. Delicious!

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A Taste of Encinitas

Taste of Main Street, held in Encinitas, is an event I believe every city should have. This year 39 restaurants participated in the event with each providing a sample of food from their menu. What is better than strolling up and down a cute beach city street on a warm summer night while taste-testing samples of delicious food? Well, I can think of some things but this event was pretty superb. Clever enough, we split the samples between two people. I was pleasantly stuffed by the end of the night with my half samplings; I can’t imagine eating everything on my own.  Three hours of eating and a little walking seemed to even out in the end, no oompa lumpa feeling for me. Below are a couple restaurants that participated. For a full list, visit the website for the event here.

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Create Your Bucket List

I am a firm believer that everyone should have their own bucket list. Yes, I did say a bucket list. Every person has ideas floating around in their head: desires, goals, ambitions. Why not write it down and make it public? Why not have those around you motivate and partake in this list. Take a look at my list below, what do you see? Are these things you want to do?

Now…build your own list. Post it right here. Motivate yourself to complete your ambitions. If someone has similar desires, buddy up; you don’t have to do this alone.

But don’t forget to keep a list of the cool things you have done that are not on your list. Spontaneity deserves recognition too!

{Here is a Preview of My Bucket List}


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Eat, Pray, Love

It still baffles me on how much I related to the story in Eat, Pray, Love. This movie (since I didn’t read the book prior to viewing) couldn’t have been more fitting for this current point in my life. With exactly two weeks before making the big move to Spain, it touched upon so many topics that have been going through my head. Some scenes even brought up some topics that I have been trying to avoid.

I am about to embark on a year adventure; one that I plan on sharing through this medium, my blog. I don’t intend on every moment being the most happy of times, but it will be moments of trial, craziness, and confusion. With that in mind, great discoveries shall be made and memories remembered for a lifetime. I am glad I can share these upcoming events with you. Oh, and go see the movie! It’s a good one.


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Masquerade Photo Shoot

Simple scenery, a beautiful mask, and a creative friend makes for an amazing afternoon. Who doesn’t love a little fantasy?

Photos courtesy of Lisa Kurth


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Tribute to Those Protectors

{USS Midway Aircraft Carrier}

San Diego has a huge military presence throughout the county; every branch is represented. Down by the harbor you can get a full tour of the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier. They have flight simulators onboard for those who feel like they are up for the challenge. Right next to the Midway are a couple tributes to those who have risked their lives to serve our country. The “Unconditional Surrender” Statue, which stands 25 feet tall, was designed by artist J. Seward Johnson and modeled after the famous photo of a sailor kissing a nurse in Time Square.  As you walk farther along the harbor, you can view “A National Salute to Bob Hope and the Military” by Eugene Daub & Steven Whyte. The sound bites that accompany the bronze figures capture the uplifting sentiment Bob Hope instilled in the soldiers as he performed throughout the world. An afternoon stroll down this path of tributes reminds me to appreciate all that the military do for the protection of my freedom.

{Unconditional Surrender: WWII Commemorative Statue}

{A National Salute to Bob Hope and the Military}

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