San Diego Zoo

{Asian Elephant}

I swear if I wasn’t studying business I would be watching animals all day, particularly the elephants. The San Diego Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the world and houses over 800 species of animals. It is a place I never get tired of visiting. Aside from being fascinated by the animals place of origin and their eating habits, their behavioral tendencies usually crack me up. Here are a few silly moments captured from my little camera on the Blackberry Storm2.

{Polar Bear playing with a toy}

{Gazelle was a bit hungry}

{Watching out for lion tendencies}

{Wrestling Sun Bears}



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2 responses to “San Diego Zoo

  1. ew. i was not aware that lions had a spray range. i had a few walk by my car window a few months ago and wasn’t aware of their “tendencies”.

  2. Carla Harkness

    Have always wanted to visit that zoo. Aren’t polar bears completely adorable? It’s hard to imagine that they would eat you in a New York minute and just consider you another meal. Quite fierce creatures with such adorable rotund and squishy looking bodies with such beautiful coloring. Carl’s Aunt Valerie, when she was with Natl Geo, set up a webcam with sound at Pete’s Watering Hole in So. Africa a few yrs ago. I kept it on day and night enjoying the animals who came to drink and watch the detant occuring and at night listening to the bugs and seeing a few animals with the night vision set up. It was fun falling asleep to the jungle sounds. The only time the animals quickly left the watering hole was when the lioness came for her drink and bath… it was pretty awesome to watch the animals quietly walk away en masse and wonder what they were all doing then in a few minutes here comes the great lioness!! Valerie told me that at one point she was in the “blind” and knew she was unseen and unheard by the animals. When a lioness showed up she stood to get a better look and the lioness looked directly at her. She said even knowing that the lioness couldn’t see her she felt her blood grow cold and wondered how safe she truly was. “Quite the predator” said Auntie Val. I’m with you, I could watch animals all day long!! 🙂

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