Hopping Over the Pond

{View from our temporary apartment}

I have to admit, I was a walking ball of stress encompassed in a student’s body the last 24 hours before my departure to Spain. The commitment of leaving the states for a year, more of leaving my familiar connections (a.k.a my friends and family) hit me like a bad semi-truck accident. For the very few who actually witnessed this or heard my panic first-hand, I apologize: I am all better.

Once we all landed, immediate action commenced. We reached our temporary residence in the center of the city near Plaza del Sol and the search for security in a place to live, familiarity with the city, and financial means became our focus. It was kind of similar to a piranha feeding frenzy with how quickly we jumped on the processes needed for success. Unfortunately, my Spanish…well lets just say I am struggling a bit. However, I now know the word for buzzer (its timbre). Proudly I am able to say that I found an apartment to live in on the second day. Very modern and a classic European size, this apartment whether I like it or not (by the way I love it) will be my residence for the next year. I just have to get used to washing all my dishes by hand and hanging my clothes out on a clothes line. I will cross my fingers each time for a lack of rain. Pictures will come soon, I move in Friday.



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2 responses to “Hopping Over the Pond

  1. So exciting!! And I totally had that semi-truck moment myself before I left. Glad to hear that you’re getting settled in and congrats on the apt!!

  2. avidwhistler

    You’re totally living the dream! I’ve always wanted to live in Europe! Please keep the updates coming. (:

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