Cultural Nuances: Spain

So far these are some of the things I have notice about the Spanish culture in Madrid (keep in mind this is from an American perspective, so take it for what it is). These differences are not meant to be negative or positive; they are purely observations. Are there any that you could add on or you found interesting if you have visited here before? I am sure I will distinguish a couple more the longer I am here. I just wonder what Spanish point out about American culture when they visit.

Cultural Nuances:

  1. Personal bubbles are almost non-existant
  2. It is not rude to bring up politics to strangers (I had an interesting cab ride one day)
  3. Not necessary to tip
  4. Restaurants charge for the shared bread on the table
  5. Spain is not for people who sleep in due to siesta (I wasted a day that way)
  6. There is a significantly higher percentage of the population that smokes
  7. Spanish usually answer the phone saying “Si” or “dime” which translates to “Yes” or “Tell me”
  8. Credit cards or debit cards are not as commonly used in Spain. In the states I rarely use cash; here, I could not survive without it
  9. Time and clocks are usually told in military time
  10. The kiss on each cheek is standard for every greeting

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