The first planned weekend trip was one of chaos. Poor planning, last minute decisions, and running through the metro as if reenacting a scene from HomeAlone was how the first hour of our mini-vacation started. Here is an example of classic college planning. I never thought I would be the one to do that. After a bit of a whirlwind and a dive into the deep-end, we did some swift maneuvering with a map and our handy dandy smart phones (thank you Blackberry Storm2) which allowed us to buy our bus ticket an hour before departure, book a hostel thirty minutes before leaving, and a hotel once we arrived in Valencia.

This does sound a bit crazy, but the weekend couldn’t have turned out more perfectly if we had planned it properly. I believe the spontaneity drove positive energy throughout this adventure. I have to admit, I did not explore Valencia as much as I had intended. My partying and relaxing side got the best of me during my few days spent there; however, I think after the hectic move to Spain two weeks prior, this was the weekend that I needed.

The Mediterranean Sea is indescribable. Perfect temperature, clear waters, and umbrellas ready to be rented for non-tanning people like myself was my bliss. It took a bit of time to get used to the European way of topless tanning with thong bottoms, but I think it was the guys who adjusted the quickest. I intend on visiting Valencia again; next time I shall explore the city a bit more. The architecture deserves at least three days of marveling.

{View on the bus ride from Madrid to Valencia}

{Club: L’Umbracle Terraza}

{Example of European Tanning}


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