Oktoberfest 2010. Do I need to say more? Of course! The day was crazy mayhem of beer drinking festivities, standing on tables, and singing songs at the top of your lungs (which I just pretended I knew the words to). We made a couple German friends along the way who taught us the proper traditions along with some do’s and don’ts of Oktoberfest. I couldn’t have been more grateful for their help. I recommend everyone make a German friend while you are there.

Since it was the first day of this 200th year celebration, we were informed by a lovely new friend to arrive early to the tent in order to get a table. In case you didn’t know, you cannot get served beer unless you are at a table. So this in fact was a very important point to a successful Oktoberfest experience. So how early do you ask? Try 6am. (Keep in mind this early timing isn’t necessary for everyday, just the opening day.) However, this was totally worth it. I could not emphasize this more. A couple breakfast pretzels with butter and chives later, we were one of the first 50 people in the tent after some mosh-pit status crowd control. Luckily, we also made a new friend with a security guard early in the day who made sure we didn’t get sucked into the sea of people. The chain wall of linked-armed security pushing the crowd back into some sort of “controlled” formation was intimidating enough. This friendly protection made my stampeding experience even enjoyable.

Once inside, we remained in the Schutzen Festzelt Tent for the majority of the day. So what did we do? Drink beer of course! That is what Oktoberfest is for, good quality, ginormous beers! I even managed to get myself a mug as a little or I guess not so little souvenir. Talk about heavy mugs.

Now don’t you worry about missing out on this experience because there is still time left. Oktoberfest lasts until October 3rd. So hop on a plane and get there! Over 7 million people are joining in the festivities, why not you? It is an experience of a lifetime. I will never forget it.

{Schutzen Festzelt Tent: holds 5,600 people, we were the first 50 in.}

{Beer Maid}

{I’ve never seen such a happy crowd}

{Our whole group including our new German friends}

{Singing my heart out, in German. P.S. I don’t know German}



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2 responses to “Oktoberfest

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  2. Bridget

    I can’t believe we didn’t meet up. Or, rather, I could because there are so many people there. We had booths in all the tents (thank you parents) so we didn’t get there until like 1130/12 ish. Did you go on the rides? You’ll have to come to Germany for a real festival without so many people and we’ll teach you the songs (I know one but I know they love country road). My German friends were explaining the appeal to me last night LOL… I hope everything is going well in Spain!

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