El Rastro Flea Market

One thing that took me a while to get used to were adapting to Sundays. In Spain, most things are closed down for a day of rest and quality time with the family. This can be a bit tricky for visiting tourists or those who are not used to this lifestyle. However, if visiting Madrid, El Rastro Flea Market is a great place to go on Sunday. From 9am to 2pm the streets fill with booths and tables.  To get there, you can take the Metro. Get off at the La Latina Metro stop on Line 5 which is green. Just follow the crowd of people and you will find it. Make sure you bring a bit of cash; there are some great finds. Venders sell everything from clothing, antiques, luggage, customized pictures, books, and knickknacks. Just keep in mind this market draws a crowd as well as pick-pocketers, so watch your wallets and purses and plan accordingly. Here a couple of cool finds I had this past week.



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5 responses to “El Rastro Flea Market

  1. Anonymous

    You should hit up the open face sandwich shop (there are a couple but the best one is the one down the street from the camera shop…there is usually a huge line coming from it!) and the sardine shop which also has bomb calamari…very good stuff!!!

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  3. sk

    So this is the infamous El Rastro!! Going to flea markets while traveling is so bittersweet. There are always so many ridiculous things like typewriters, irons, sewing machines that I want to bring home with me. So impractical!!

  4. I love flea markets…great photos I’m loving the keys x

  5. lovely post and i wouldnt know what to do on a sunday if the shops were shut xxxxxx

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