This Week’s Top 20 Deals

Searching for the best travel deals can be a tedious and time consuming process. Thousands of websites with tons of comparison points: who has the best price, should I consider a package deal, when is the best time to visit? I do have to admit, it is hard to get rid of this process if you truly want a great deal; unless you have a travel agent, then you have no problems. But for those who want to try and save as much money as possible, it is nice to have deals sent to you. I find that it sparks a bit of motivation inside me to divulge into a bit more research. One thing that gets me excited to travel each week is Travel Zoo’s Top 20 Deals. Sent each Wednesday, Travel Zoo highlights the deals of the week varying from events in your area to traveling halfway across the world.  You can subscribe to them here and customize the deals to your location. It is only one email a week. Granted this is not the only resource I use when looking for travel deals, however narrowing down your favorites will cut down research time significantly when planning your next crazy get-away. You don’t want to let overwhelming feelings hinder you from making plans and experiencing new destinations.



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2 responses to “This Week’s Top 20 Deals

  1. I’d love to travel right now and that’s a great way to get deals! xoxoxoxo

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