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Two Thousand Ten

2010 has brought wonderful new people into my life, numerous travel expeditions, experiences I will never forget, and knowledge that I shall never try to exchange. Thank you for following and I hope to see you in 2011.

I wish you all a Happy New Year.



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A Horse of Course

Right outside of Berlin in a little village rests a tiny area which seems like it is drawn from a children’s story. Snow covered fields surround the outskirts sprinkled with old wooden fences and horses near and far enjoying the winter air. As you enter the village, there is a huge hill on the right with people bundled up for the brisk cold sledding down this hill which I am sure has some treacherous name called by all the little kids. After visiting a beautiful horse named Boofie and all her friends, hot chocolate was the just the right medicine to warm up our frozen fingers and toes. It was a perfect top off to a beautiful winter day.


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Flurries and Skating

Christmas day was quite a special one. Ice skating on what seemed like our own private ice rink was whimsical unlike our ice skating skills. Right along an icy river in Berlin, snow flurries graced our cheeks as they became a bit rosy. It was almost picturesque. With only one stumble caught on video there were no catastrophic falls. A bit of glühwein (hot wine) and hot chocolate curbed our chill and then we were off onto our next adventure.


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It Was the Night Before Christmas

Taking the German tradition in stride, wieners and potato salad were on the menu accompanied with lots of champagne, wine, sparkling water, coffee and dessert. After listening to conversations in German about education and environmental I know, I do not speak German. Though it was sure nice to think I did. The night consisted of wonderful company, a bit of snowman building, and a future snowman building competition agains the French across the balcony. They claim that they need to strategize first and then build since they’re French, but heck, we have a snowman with eyebrows, cheekbones, a distinct chin and makeup. Really, how can you beat that? To top off the night, it started snowing on our way home. Rather than taking a taxi, a nice Christmas Eve walk was in order. Like the song says, what a wonderful time of year.

{Wieners and Potato Salad}

{Fred the snowman}

{Evening Snow on Christmas Eve}

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It will be a white Christmas

So final holiday plans…..Christmas in Berlin. We will be sharing German traditions, like wieners and potato salad for Christmas Eve dinner and celebrating for three days instead of two. Oh boy! The Christmas tree is up, the glasses are ready to be filled and we are ready to celebrate. It will be a beautiful white Christmas which I haven’t seen in a very, very long time. I don’t think the white sand in the Bahamas counted last year. Awaiting many new traditions and many stories to tell, this holiday season shall be one to remember.


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Holidays in Madrid

It is always interesting trying to figure out new traditions and maintain old ones when living in a new place during the holidays. Here in Madrid they have lights hanging between buildings, a large Christmas tree made of lights in Plaza del Sol, and people flooding the streets with crazy hats and wigs. It is the perfect time of year to eat a bit of “churros con chocolate” too. Such a tasty treat. Whether in a new surrounding or in the comfort of your home, I  hope you can enjoy your holidays wherever you are in the world! Berlin will be my holiday destination this year.

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Weekly Appreciation: Not Extraordinary, but Impressionable

If you haven’t seen one of these weekly appreciation post before, you will come to see its pretty simple. Its important to realize the little things that make your week go by. Something that gives you a little smirk, inspires you, or gives you pure contentment. Some weeks may be more exciting than others, but there should always be something. This week was simple; fall leaves at my feet, colorful pasta, Dali inspired wall decor, and wine-to-go. Not extraordinary, but impressionable. Recognize and reflect. It does a bit of good.

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