Weekly Appreciation: Slowing down the pace

{Mini Zen Garden}

I feel like I have been non-stop these past couple weeks. Like most students, especially those at my university (which you can see here), we are feeling the pressure to get all our group projects, essays, and studying in. I know I am not nearly done, however after surpassing a large mountain of work this past week, a bit of ease has set in. Luckily this is just in time for a bit of travel. I don’t plan to be completely M.I.A, however I plan on taking in this trip in like a little kid drinking a big milkshake….ok, bad analogy but you get the point. With this said, here are some of the things that have given me sanity this past week.

{New Ear Warmers}

{I’m lovin’ it: ok well the combination at least}

{I am addicted to these}



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3 responses to “Weekly Appreciation: Slowing down the pace

  1. Its really nice that you find some time to appreciate what you have..
    Enjoy life..

  2. food look so good!

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  3. Dora Gray

    What about your ole’ Ma????

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