Venice: the floating city

Breathtaking, yes. Astonishing, definitely. Venice, Italy is a city that creates its own magnitude of fascination within your mind and your heart. The pure concept of this “floating city” build hundred and hundred of years ago is pure genius. But it is the essence of old culture and beauty that puts the city within your heart. Photos embrace the idea of the city but the experience is un-replicable from one person to another. It is an individual experience. The air of magnificence that Venice instills is something that everyone should experience at least once. Those of you that have visited understand. Hopefully you can experience it as well.



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4 responses to “Venice: the floating city

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  2. aww I did my erasmus year as a student in venice. Lots of happy memories!!

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  4. what a great city! I must come back, it’s just lovely!

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