Cappuccinos & Pasta

Italians have food figured out. Delectable pastas, salads, seafood, coffee, and desserts, mmmm…who couldn’t love their cuisine. It really lives up to its expectations. You may even wish you had two stomachs just to have that extra bit of scrumptious morsel. When visiting Italy, eating is an event of its own. So make sure you get the best and lots of it. Your taste buds will love the vivid flavors. But of course wash it down with a bit of red wine (vino rosso in Italian) to complete this epic feasting experience. A bit of cappuccino or espresso is necessary at some point of your day as well, but don’t forget to leave room for gelato! Caution: weight gain may occur (totally worth it).

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6 responses to “Cappuccinos & Pasta

  1. ooh i’m totally drooling over this photos

  2. L.

    yummm. italian is my favorite cuisine! I must go to Italy soon!

  3. Photo #3 was a called “special bread” according to the restaurant in Venice. It was absolutely magnificent

  4. avidwhistler

    Mmm, dark chocolate gelato…my favorite!

  5. You will know when you read my comments

    Oh, sure! Just make my mouth water! Thanks! Those Italian dishes look great. Brings back some fond memories! Hope you also ordered a reasonably priced bottle of red wine, with at least one meal.

    One of my Italian associates, when I was going there, some 37 to 39 years ago (1973-1975) always would made sure we went to a nice resturaunt and always also had red wine with the meals. The help there always treated him very well! I once commented on that to him and he explained why.

    He would always send one bottle back, as unacceptable–immediately after he tasted it; so, it was full except for about 1/8 glass. It was usually after we had already consumed 2 to 3 bottles and he could have determined that the service was good. I can assure you that it was as good as the previous ones that we had already consumed.

    His purpose was not because it really was bad; but, because if he did that, the “help” could take it back to the kitchen and consume that perfectly acceptable bottle of FREE WINE!!. They loved that! I thought that was a very interesting process!

    Thanks again and keep your site going! Love it!
    And of course, I L U M T S B Take care!

  6. Fredd

    Picture number 3 looks completely amazing… what is it??

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