It will be a white Christmas

So final holiday plans…..Christmas in Berlin. We will be sharing German traditions, like wieners and potato salad for Christmas Eve dinner and celebrating for three days instead of two. Oh boy! The Christmas tree is up, the glasses are ready to be filled and we are ready to celebrate. It will be a beautiful white Christmas which I haven’t seen in a very, very long time. I don’t think the white sand in the Bahamas counted last year. Awaiting many new traditions and many stories to tell, this holiday season shall be one to remember.



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3 responses to “It will be a white Christmas

  1. Isabell

    I wish you a wonderful German Christmas!! Enjoy the snow, the food and the spirit!! See you soon in Madrid. Besos, Isabell

  2. Kinda jealous of your White Christmas!

    Merry Christmas lady!

  3. Your Pappi

    Hey, I tried to add a comment earlier, but got into the pictures during the process and I think it was not sent. Seems like you are all settled in and should have a wonderful XMAS there. Ba Humbug!

    My stomach will be thinking of you on XMAS day. We sure had a nice one last year on that cruise. I browsed through your pictures again.
    D. I want to thank you now for doing this for our three young ladies. I am sure that they appreciate it. What a wonderful experience.

    Boomer, Jazzy, and I will enjoy our dinner together. Planning something rather elegant. Perhaps, I will also have a “milky” with them! My wierd sense of humor!
    You all have a wonderful time. I looked out the window while typing this and one of the “Friday” city trucks went by in the dark. They are out early today. My Trash is out. That is the only one I needed to put out. It has been too wet to mow the lawn.

    Merry XMAS! Love you all!

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