It Was the Night Before Christmas

Taking the German tradition in stride, wieners and potato salad were on the menu accompanied with lots of champagne, wine, sparkling water, coffee and dessert. After listening to conversations in German about education and environmental I know, I do not speak German. Though it was sure nice to think I did. The night consisted of wonderful company, a bit of snowman building, and a future snowman building competition agains the French across the balcony. They claim that they need to strategize first and then build since they’re French, but heck, we have a snowman with eyebrows, cheekbones, a distinct chin and makeup. Really, how can you beat that? To top off the night, it started snowing on our way home. Rather than taking a taxi, a nice Christmas Eve walk was in order. Like the song says, what a wonderful time of year.

{Wieners and Potato Salad}

{Fred the snowman}

{Evening Snow on Christmas Eve}


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