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Sweet and Savory

“Food is a central activity of mankind and one of the single most significant trademarks of a culture.” – Mark Kurlansky

A big part of any culture is food. One of the great things about travel is being able to try any little morsel you can along the way. Be daring. Try something you have never eaten; it might be your new favorite. Worst case scenario, you will have a great story to tell, “Remember that time I tried ____.” Adding variety to your palette and everyday cuisine is one of the best parts of trying new foods from areas around the world. You will probably reminisce with past travel partners saying, “Remember those amazing tapas in Spain or that savory rice dish in Morocco or that crunchy shnizel in Germany.” Our memories are sparked by sensors, so why not capitalize on them. Think about one of your most favorite meals, it could be from past travel or something you made at home. Are you thinking about it? I bet your mouth is salivating now. Mine is just writing this. Taste and smell are important parts of our daily lives; so don’t neglect them. Share your new knowledge of delectable foods with your friends back home by trying to recreate these tasty cuisines (there are examples of Spanish recipes I have learned here and here). It is always a fun challenge.



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Weekly Appreciation: Sun is Shinning

Appreciate something within your week. Every week. Even if there hasn’t been any extraordinary event that has occurred, there has to be at least one thing. This week was simple for me, a bit of sunshine and a warm winter day. On days like these, I always seem to have the same lyrics stuck in my head . “Sun is shining, the weather is sweet, make you wanna move your dancing feet.” Who other than…Bob Marley. For those of you who have been stuck in the freezing cold these past weeks (especially those in the Northeast of the U.S.), the spring shall come soon enough or at least I hope so. If not, pick up some fresh cut daisies. They always brighten up any day. Happy weekend!

Of course to conclude with my wonderful photographer for the week. Many, many thanks!


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Grit and Color

Living in Madrid, I have yet to discover everything it has to offer. However when friends visit to explore the city, we try and spice things up a bit. This time: GRAFFITI. Most if not every city has some form of graffiti or another (as seen here). It is evolving as a kind of artwork; commissioned artists are popping up everywhere and even turning some of their pieces into digital designs (my favorite is Sam Flores). I have to admit, Berlin has had some of the best graffiti I have seen so far; however, I can’t deny the character it brings to Parque del Oeste pictured here.

Photography by Breeann Hewitt


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New Europe Tours

One of the best ways I have found to get a feel of a new city  is to take a quick tour. I think I have found gold though, especially for those travelers on a budget like me. The tour company, called Sandemans New Europe, offers a 2.5 to 3 hour walking tour in 13 cities around Europe. A bit of history, local knowledge and a ton of humor gives you a great overview of the city (I normally fall asleep during history related topics but these tour guides make it come alive). The great part is, its FREE! The tour guides work on a tip basis only, but they deserve every cent they get, I believe 5 euro tip minimum is deserved (heck, they are hard working people)! Expect great things from this company. You won’t be disappointed.

(Tours are given in: Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Dublin, Edinburgh, Hamburg, London, Jerusalem, Madrid, Munich, Paris, Prague, and Tel Aviv)


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Rialto Market

Being literally on the sea, Venice has a large and very fresh selection of seafood available at the mercato. Held next to the Grand Canals, venders can be seen setting up their stalls as early as 4am. Make sure you get there early if you want a good selection for the day; the stallholders start packing up in the early afternoon. With my love of seafood, it was unfortunate that I didn’t have a kitchen to cook in. However, it is still fun to look around at all the arrays and sizes of fish and seafood available.


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Appreciate to Ignite the Flame

This last month has been very busy. With four different visitors and crazy university exams, the traveling unfortunately has been put on the back burner a bit. Fun sometimes gets trumped by work. Surprising right? However, there are no complaints here, just motivation. It is difficult not to remember and appreciate the fun times that have occurred. This last year have been no exception. So to appreciate all this travel, here are some photos capturing a little piece of each city visited in the past couple months. Hope you enjoy. (P.S. I will be planning upcoming trips again soon, any recommendations of cities to visit, restaurants to eat in, hotels/hostels to stay in, or sights to see would be fabulous!)



{San Diego}






{New York}






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Known for its particular vices and certain legal activities, Amsterdam is very unique. However the beauty of the city itself shouldn’t be ignored. Take a look below. It is absolutely gorgeous.


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