Success in Your New Years Resolutions

Last year was the first time I kept more than half my resolutions. American Psychological Association gave ten tips of how to successfully reach your New Years Resolutions, you can view them here. Granted, I don’t believe all these tips will fit every lifestyle and personality (in my opinion I think only setting one resolution is a little short sided). If this concept is not for you, the idea of even making a resolutions list may seem stupid. This is fine, everyone has their own methods. However if you are a list person like me, little reminders to focus you on your goals and aspirations can help your daily progress. Post it somewhere you can see it. Leave room on your list for updates. And of course make sure you have that satisfaction of crossing-out the completed task. This list may go hand-in-hand with your bucket list (as seen here) Maybe this year will be the time to complete your resolutions and cross off a thing or two on your bucket list. Better now than never. I predict a year filled with travel, discovery, friendship, and lots of laughter. What shall your’s consist of?


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