Floating Flower Market

The Bloemenmarkt is the worlds only floating flower market located right on the canal in the southern part of central Amsterdam. It sits on Singel between Muntplein and Koningsplein if you ever plan on going. Consisting of 15 florist and garden shops, you can find anything from seeds, to bulbs, to fresh cut flowers. If you’re not much of a gardener and just want to browse, the flower market is great for taking pictures and picking up a fresh bouquet of flowers. Cut tulips can be found for as cheap as 7,50 euro for a bunch of 50 or if you don’t want fresh flowers wooden ones are sold as well. Any garden or table would be gorgeous with all the various colors and types.



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3 responses to “Floating Flower Market

  1. Miss Vodka

    Beautiful pics.!! 🙂


  2. That would be a fun place to visit. 🙂 Can you tell you’re on the water when you’re inside?

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