Known for its particular vices and certain legal activities, Amsterdam is very unique. However the beauty of the city itself shouldn’t be ignored. Take a look below. It is absolutely gorgeous.



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7 responses to “Amsterdam

  1. I’m checking out all ‘The Netherlands’ pages on your blog. I live there. I’m only 40 minutes away from Amsterdam and hardly ever go. It’s mad I know. I live in The Hague and should make more of my time here in NL/Holland.

  2. wow…such amazing photos…love your blog!!! ❤
    visit mine…

    Love, L

  3. These are FANTASTIC! The one with the man’s hand is quite humorous.
    I’ve never been to Amsterdam but I absolutely plan to go 🙂 I’ve meet a few people from the Netherlands on my travels and they pictures they paint of the country as well as Amsterdam pull me in every time 🙂
    Great shots!!!!

  4. L.

    lovely photos! i want to visit ams so badly!


  5. Gorgeous photos. I’d like to know more about the one with the chain, the torso, and the hand. So interesting.

  6. oneordinaryday

    I’m so glad your comment on my blog led me over. Your photos are gorgeous!

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