Appreciate to Ignite the Flame

This last month has been very busy. With four different visitors and crazy university exams, the traveling unfortunately has been put on the back burner a bit. Fun sometimes gets trumped by work. Surprising right? However, there are no complaints here, just motivation. It is difficult not to remember and appreciate the fun times that have occurred. This last year have been no exception. So to appreciate all this travel, here are some photos capturing a little piece of each city visited in the past couple months. Hope you enjoy. (P.S. I will be planning upcoming trips again soon, any recommendations of cities to visit, restaurants to eat in, hotels/hostels to stay in, or sights to see would be fabulous!)



{San Diego}






{New York}







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65 responses to “Appreciate to Ignite the Flame

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  2. gvipromote


    Color me green with envy…wow! That’s quite the list of destinations!

    And speaking of color: That pottery in Casablanca — crazy beautiful!

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  4. Nice that you can travel the world, I will live vicariously through your posts lol…

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  6. So many great cities and so many reasons that you are lucky.
    I just got back from a weekend in Barcelona. Your picture takes me straight back. Some of the places you have been are truly amazing! I have the need to go to all of them. I could happily spin the globe and go to anywhere. Life is too short. Great post!

  7. Wow, you are an awesome photographer! And I love that you’ve been to SO many places!

    England next? That’s my goal in life.

  8. Beautiful photos- instantly inspired me to travel. If you’re ever in Paris, stay at the MIJE (amazing youth hostel that doesn’t feel like a hostel).

  9. you do get around!! If you are heading back to Italy and don’t fancy the more touristy cities then I’d recommend a few places: Sardinia is a gorgeous island and not very expensive if you avoid the Costa Smeralda (head for Alghero on the west coast). Also Umbria and Puglia are 2 less frequented by tourist regions and both gorgeous. Umbria is best in autumn when you can try all the local specialities like truffles, red wine, porcini mushrooms. Puglia is just amazing in the summer as the beaches are awesome and the prices are still relatively cheap for tourists. In all 3 places look into renting an apartment instead of a hotel as can work out cheaper, especially if you happen to be with other people. Enjoy your travels!

  10. Corlia

    stunning pictures, I especially enjoyed the first one. Nice ironic contradiction.

  11. San Diego, Madrid, and Casablanca are my favorites, but these are all beautiful.

  12. I loved all the photos but my favourites were Barcelona, San Diego, Madrid and Casablanca. All places I dream I’ll visit some day….*fingers crossed*

  13. Very Beautiful pics. I loved it..

  14. Fantastic compilation. Thanks very much 🙂

  15. Amazing pictures and travel opportunities!!!

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  17. I love the photos! My favorite is the first one. Having beer with an awesome view…that is the life!

  18. chocolatespacemonkey

    Amazing! Keep up the good work.

  19. Wow. You really get around. Hope you have a great time on your next trip.

  20. Awesome shots, would love to visit them all!

  21. Okay, I’m loving your blog and these pictures, even though they make me miss Europe a ton. Have you made it over to the Czech Republic? I spent three weeks there and it’s a beautiful country. Prague is awesome for having so much to do, but if you want a quiet weekend, Czeky Krumlov is a small town that’s absolutely beautiful with some wonderful cafes. I’m hoping to move to England after getting my Master’s so that I can enjoy as much travel as you seem to be doing 🙂

  22. Dakota

    Come to Bordeaux!

  23. mjcache

    I feel like I have visited the whole world by cruising over to your site. Thanks for the photos.

  24. Great shots of places you’ve visited! You are very lucky being able to travel the world! Have you ever visited Scandinavia? Especially summer-time it is beautiful and as an added bonus – you can take an overnight cruise from Stockholm to Helsinki…. and/or if you want to add a bit of Baltic to your trip- there are very cheap ferries going between Estonia and Helsinki (and only takes a couple of hours…the crossing) – I high recommend it!

  25. Jana

    Beautiful pictures ! feel like getting on a plane right now !
    You should visit Beirut , Lebanon !

  26. I love it whenever I “meet” another student traveller! Hope you’re enjoying life, where ever you are!

  27. Beautiful pics! Comment on my blog when you come to NYC, it’s my stomping grounds and I’ll be sure to show you the best of the best!

  28. Travel and enjoy! It’s refreshing to see your photos. Great post!

  29. I love the pics!! You should visit… New Zealand (if you haven’t already, of course)

  30. wow you went everywhere! amazing pictures! one day i will travel and take plenty of beautiful pictures like you did. great post

  31. OneBigMix

    Yes, most people don’t realize how easy it is to travel around Europe once you’re there. I just realized I too have been to 6 of the places you’ve listed this past year. Great post! I was immediately drawn to the pic of the Sagrada Familia, which was one of my fav’s during my time in Barcelona. Were you able to take the lift to the top? Cheers to many more exciting travel adventures.

  32. Given how Freshly Pressed only posted the cathedral’s tops, along with the “…Ignite a Flame” part of your title, I came into this sure it was going to be an essay on Norwegian black metal.

    “Fun sometimes gets trumped by work. Surprising right?”

    That’s the worst part of working. What all of us full-timers must spend our energy fighting against! We’ve only one life, so they can have my worst hours!

  33. The pictures are just amazing! I gather you had a great time last year and you intend to have a great time this year as well.
    If you’re looking for great travel, I recommend you visit Switzerland. You’ll love it over there. I won’t divulge anything from my visit there, because it might spoil the trip for you if you plan to go there, but I’m sure that once you visit it, you’ll want to keep going back again and again.
    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!
    Ashley, aka TheEverydayMuser

  34. humanitarikim

    I am sooo jealous, but glad that someone gets to see the world! Lovely pictures.

  35. Beautiful photos! LOVE Barcelona! Looks like you’ve been very fortunate this past year, hope 2011 is even better for you! Ever been to Mykonos? Definitely worth the plane and the boat ride. Go with friends, stay at Villa Konstantin (gorgeous views), eat at Nico’s in town 🙂


  36. Oh wow! How can you travel so many places in one year? I’m a little jealous. lol! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed and safe travels!

  37. Okay, I’m not a regular blog reader so you may have covered this in past posts…but how on earth can you afford all of these trips — especially in one year. I had to save up for 60 months just to take one trip to NYC.

    You’re a lucky person.


    • Luckily my studies are allowing my to travel so much. I lived in the states for a while and now live in Europe. Travel is a lot cheaper here, especially when you scan the web for deals. I will try and post some new blogs on tips I have. A year ago I would have never thought this was possible.

  38. Wow.
    Thats some travelling. I know a lot of people envy you and quite a few would be plain Jelous. I am wondering which category I belong to.

    Nice pics. Thanks for sharing.

  39. So many wonderful places and pictures. Berlin in winter must have been interesting. Did you have a favorite?

    • So far my favorite has been Munich. However, my opinion might be a bit skewed about the city since I went during the first couple days of Oktoberfest. However I definitely will have to go back.

      But I will never forget Lagos, Portugal. It has some of the most breathtaking and relaxing views I have ever seen.

  40. what a beautiful place
    hope I can travel around the world…

  41. Color me green with envy…wow! That’s quite the list of destinations!

    And speaking of color: That pottery in Casablanca — crazy beautiful!


  42. J Roycroft

    Fabulous photographs

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  44. Anonymous

    That is quite the list for just one year! Awesome!

  45. Steph Schmura

    I love that I made the wall. Well, that picture of you at least. Love you. Miss you.

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