Sweet and Savory

“Food is a central activity of mankind and one of the single most significant trademarks of a culture.” – Mark Kurlansky

A big part of any culture is food. One of the great things about travel is being able to try any little morsel you can along the way. Be daring. Try something you have never eaten; it might be your new favorite. Worst case scenario, you will have a great story to tell, “Remember that time I tried ____.” Adding variety to your palette and everyday cuisine is one of the best parts of trying new foods from areas around the world. You will probably reminisce with past travel partners saying, “Remember those amazing tapas in Spain or that savory rice dish in Morocco or that crunchy shnizel in Germany.” Our memories are sparked by sensors, so why not capitalize on them. Think about one of your most favorite meals, it could be from past travel or something you made at home. Are you thinking about it? I bet your mouth is salivating now. Mine is just writing this. Taste and smell are important parts of our daily lives; so don’t neglect them. Share your new knowledge of delectable foods with your friends back home by trying to recreate these tasty cuisines (there are examples of Spanish recipes I have learned here and here). It is always a fun challenge.



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4 responses to “Sweet and Savory

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  3. YES, I remember those amazing tapas in Spain!! The queso manchego and jamon look delicious! I’m going to check out those Spanish recipes now…


  4. That wiener looks mighty phallic.

    Otherwise, everything looks delicious.

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