Remembering Lagos

Lagos, Portugal is one of those places that will make you smirk every time you think about your last visit there. Located along the southern coast of Portugal, the small city captivates the hearts of many. I met people gradually throughout my stay who told me they vacationed there and then never returned home. It is that kind of place; one that captivates and fills a piece of your soul. Strong sentiments I know, but its difficult to say otherwise. The quaint little town with cobblestone streets and white washed buildings sits on the hillside along the shoreline. The views are impeccable. It is said that the most southern point of the city is where Christopher Columbus stood and contemplated what lied in the West. Regardless if that is true or not, the view from that spot is worth the hike. For some relaxation on the beach, a little partying and some amazing people, I highly recommend Lagos. I miss it and hope to return soon.



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  1. Oooh thanks for the tip. I am trying to plan a trip to somewhere in Southern Europe, somewhere nice to escape freezing Berlin….


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