A delicious breakfast always sets a good tone for a day. Here is something simple that I picked up to do just that. It is an easy and versatile crêpe recipe. Whether you want savory or sweet, this recipe is a simple way to please your stomach. There are minimal ingredients required: one egg, one cup of flour, one cup of milk and a dash or sugar or salt depending on your fillings. Mix it up, cook it on a skillet over medium heat, and you have crêpes. Fill it with some of your favorite ingredients. Strawberries and bananas, lemon and sugar, or greek yogurt and peaches are some of my favorites.



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7 responses to “Crêpes

  1. I love crepes, like I’m literally in love with crepes, and there are always a bunch of them in the refrigerator (Thank you Mum :p ) The recipes vary but I strongly suggest you try sugar&sesame !

  2. I am literally in love with crepes… Like, literally ! There are crepes in our refrigerator 24/7, and the recipes vary from sugar&butter, to sesame&sugar, to chocolate&bananas… but also salty ones, like ham&cheese, ham&cheese&eggs ! YUM !

  3. DEFINITELY going to try this recipe i love crepes savory ones and dessert ones!


  4. mmm these crepes look so yummy, i want them for breakfast tomorrow!

  5. Crepes are my absolute favorite. And I love your blog. I am a huge travel junkie so your blog helps me get my fill until I can travel again. Thank you.

  6. Yum! Crepes!

    Love Grace.

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