European Excursion

Travel within Europe is significantly cheaper than travel within the United States. Round trip flights can be found for as little as 20€ and hostels are a great way to minimize spending on sleeping arrangements. I usually use Their site is easy to navigate and their overall ratings are very helpful. If you are planning a European excursion, there are two main methods of travel that are reasonably priced: by air and by train. Depending on how constrained you are on time and how early you are able to book your reservations, cost differences between the Eurorail and flights can vary significantly. When booking my August 2011 trip, a combination of seven flights and two train rides created my month long itinerary within 7 countries. If you aren’t sure exactly where you would like to travel, Skyscanner is a great website to start your research. You can enter your starting destination and choose your final destination as “Everywhere“. It will show you the best deals to multiple places within your desired timeframe. It was my lifesaver when booking all the travel arrangements for the trip you see above.



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5 responses to “European Excursion

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  2. I use, very practical and guides you through all hotel ranges.
    Do you actually pay your ticket only 20euro ? No taxes or extra fees ?

    • Depending on the destination, they can be as cheap as 20 euro. I usually browse once a week for any good deals since the prices change so frequently. Last week I found a trip to Valencia for 25 euros round trip.

  3. I usually use, they guide you to all hotel ranges, and it’s very practical. But I have to ask, you do pay taxes on the ticket, right ? I mean I’ve heard my friend saying she went to Amsterdam and payed 10euros, but is that just it ? Lucky ! !

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