Reliving the Memory

Capturing moments digitally has become a basic practice amoung youth in this generation both in day to day activities and special events. The action has been simplified. The popularity of photography has increased, digital cameras have become easily available for purchase, and even cell phones and ipods are equiped with picture taking capablilies. But what do you do with these images, these moments that have been captured into still frame? Sharing them through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or blogs are a great way to connect with friends and the online community. It is instant gratification. The most up to date occurence is readily available for feedback.  However, sometimes I feel like this causes you to miss out on that aspect of excitement you used to get when receiving your memories in print. Especially when it comes to travel photos.

Being able to sit down and share your photos over a cup of coffee or a bite to eat has almost been lost. Advances in technology have changed sharing mediums and increased accessability to information. This blog alone supports this aspect of change in how we share our moments. Many companies have realized this gap between the new and old methods of sharing memories and have managed to combine the two ideas of technology and print with customizable photo books. Picaboo and Apple´s iPhoto, which are two services that I use, allow you to build and design photobooks from the comfort of your computer. Color scheme, photo arrangement, and text are some of the many aspects that you can modify to your liking. If you don´t have the time to create a personalized book, there is an autofill function as well.  Once it is completed to your satisfaction, you can submit the order and have it delivered to your designated address. The process overall is pretty simple. The photobook allows you to relive your adventures time and again. The sensation of flipping through a book is a hard thing to replace, especially when it is being replaced with a click of a mouse. I usually make these books after my travels, but they also make as great gifts for friends and family as well. Check out the easy steps below.



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