Renfe, which stands for Red Nacional de Ferrocarriles Españoles, is a state-owned Spanish company that runs passenger trains throughout all major areas in Spain. It includes a high-speed system called the AVE that allows you to travel to major cities in minimal time. For example, you can travel from Madrid to Seville in 2h. 30min. These AVE trips can prove to be a bit expensive (I usually can find flights for cheaper), however if you need a quick way to get from one area to another, it can be very handy, especially since you get to skip those huge security lines at the airport. For day trips, such as the one to Toledo (mentioned here), Renfe is the perfect method of transportation. Averaging 30 minutes and approximately 10 euros each way, Toledo is just one stop beautiful retreat away from the city.




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2 responses to “Renfe

  1. Your Pappi

    Thanks for the info. Interesting, that it is so efficient. I would agree that without the complex airlines procedures, would be much easier for shorter trips.

    Take care and keep the info coming! L U M T S B

  2. I have always believe these kind of train chains are very effective. For this year in Paris, I will be using this same kind of transportation (eg. Metro, RER, TGV). Although they’re a bit more expensive, you’ll be on the other hand saving the cost of cab to the airport as well as buying time. You also enjoy the scenery, which is, in my opinion, very important and necessary to enjoy a relaxing travel.

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