Tribute to Austin

Taking tragedy and turning it into evaluation and appreciation is the best you can do in the situation that occurred here in Madrid this week. Austin Bice, an international business student from San Diego, went missing on February 25th after going out to enjoy another splendid day of his life (you can read and watch more about it here and here). His body was found in the river today. I never knew him personally, but I got to learn who he was as a person through narrations illuminated by his close friends during the 10 day search for his return. A fun-loving, adventurous, and undoubtably handsome young man, Austin seemed to take more interest in what others where doing than what he was doing himself. He loved people and he loved life. The blog that he wrote beamed it. His close friends reminisced of stories like his recent hike up to Mt. Whitney and simple day-to-day interactions. People clinged to him.

Unfortunately his life was cut short to untold circumstances that have yet to be clarified. I understand that it is hard to connect to situations like this without knowing the individual; I fell victim to that many times before when tragedies such as this occurred in the past. But take a bit of time, even if it is just 5 minutes after reading this blog, to reflect on your own life. It is the least you can do in situations like these.  Austin loved his life and appreciated every aspect. He really did. Take his situation with consideration. Enjoy the days you have. And lastly, watch out for your friends. This should never happen to anyone. Even if you are not religious, keep him, his family, and his friends in your prayers and thoughts; they really need it.




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